All private voice lessons are offered in a highly creative and supportive environment. Our approach to vocal training is focused on developing a base level of musical and vocal technique. At Music Lessons by Dina, our goal is to help students discover a love for singing so they can establish a strong foundation that will support their growth in music for years to come.

Our voice lessons cover tone, pitch, breath control, intonation, volume, voice quality, posture, and relaxation. We help students improve awareness of physical tensions and habits that can affect their singing style. Students experience comprehensive private voice lessons that allow them to get their creative juices flowing while developing their confidence and building a lifetime love of music. 

Our private voice lessons include a vocal warm-up as well as preparation exercises. We employ musical methods that enhance technical skills and enable students to analyze the individual elements of specific songs. 

Each private voice lesson is tailored to the individual style, stage of development, and vocal awareness of each student. We help to uncover our students’ unique vocal abilities and develop techniques they can apply to all forms of music.


Benefits of Private Singing Lessons

Music Lessons by Dina offers private singing lessons to all students, from beginner to professional. When you work with Mrs. Dina one-on-one, you will be able to see a difference in your voice and vocal abilities in just a few lessons. You will expand your vocal range and breath capacity, as well as gain technical skills to protect your vocal cords and vocal nodules.




Private singing lessons

At the Beginner level, you’ll notice an immediate improvement in your ability to project your voice, as well as in your breath capacity. 

At the intermediate level, you will notice an improvement in your tone, and you will begin to settle into your singing style. Whether your style is classical or pop, broadway or jazz, Mrs. Dina can help you maximize your potential and advance through the vocal program.

At the advanced level, students will learn complex pieces from some of the most recognized composers in the world. 


What Genre Should I Select for Private  Singing Lessons?


If you are a student who doesn’t quite know which genre you want to focus on Mrs. Dina will work with the student to determine which one is right for them. 

Many of the private lessons develop a mentorship and a path for the student to follow that holds them in their artistic integrity as they develop into professional musicians and vocalists.

Whether you take a private class at the Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced or Master Class level, you will gain power and efficiency while unlocking your innate talent.