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Come and discover the beauty of music and how you can be part of its magical world.
Music Lessons by Dina is one of the most recognized boutique music studios in Cupertino, CA. We offer an unparalleled musical learning experience to all of our students.
Mrs. Dina Mirskaya teaches Voice, Piano, and Theory of Music lessons to beginners and professional musicians. She teaches children and adults, ages 6 and up. 
Through her unique  approach to teaching music, she has successfully prepared her students, helping them achieve a high standards of performance and theory for the Certificate of Merit testing, helped students enter and excel in a number of competitions, trained students for Broadway shows. Many of  her students getting on to be accepted into musical programs at esteemed educational institutions, such as Columbia, Columbia-Julliard, Stanford, Yale, University of Southern California, and more. 
She believes that learning music enriches lives and allows students to appreciate all music in deep and profound ways. With over two decades of musical experience, Dina helps her students achieve the skills they need to enjoy music for the rest of their lives.
Find out why so many families in Cupertino and the surrounding areas have chosen Mrs. Dina as their music teacher.  Mrs. Dina Mirskaya full bio.




Classical and Jazz voice lessons in Cupertino, CA

Mrs. Dina teaches both classical and non-classical voice lessons. Most lessons are offered one-on-one, but sometimes she pairs students together. 

Music genres include Classical, Jazz and Broadway Musicals. Students learn about famous composers and perform songs in many different languages including Italian, Russian and others.

Our private lessons run year round and you can join us anytime. 

Some of our students take lessons because they want to learn how to sing for personal joy, others because they want to pursue a career in music. Whatever the reason may be, Mrs. Dina has a track record of helping students reach their musical goals.  More detailed information on Voice Lessons is hereVoice Lessons is here.


Classical Piano Lessons in Cupertino, CA

Mrs. Dina teaches both classical and non-classical piano lessons to children of all ages. Music genres include Classical, Jazz and Broadway Musicals. 

 Our piano lessons are all private one-on-one instruction and lesson lengths are 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour depending on the age and the ability of each student.

Some of our students take lessons for personal enjoyment, others because they want to pursue career in music.  Whatever the goals and personal drivers are, our studio offers the most loving and experienced teacher to to help students reach their goals. More information about piano lessons can be found here.